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BariatricReports.org is a newly started bariatric physician review website. Where you can read and compare reviews on bariatric surgeons. 

Obesity is one of those multifactorial diseases that affects every organ of the body. It is one of the leading causes of the health crisis in America.

Earlier, it was believed that obesity is the byproduct of poor eating habits and lack of will power. However, now it is clear that obesity has more complex health issues, which include metabolism, genetics, activity level, gut microbiome, emotional and mental trauma, and food habits.

Over one-third of the American populace is either obese or overweight, with side effects ranging from loss of mobility to cardiac diseases and diabetes.

Weight loss and medical management have certain limitations to treat obesity. Patients regain weight after ending their diet and some even experience failure with several diet plans. As a result, hopelessness and frustration sets in.
The only safe and effective way to lose weight is bariatric surgery. It not only helps patients lose weight but also ensures they can manage weight without any medication.

Bariatric Reports is free to use and free to review. If you’re looking for more information please contact us. 

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