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Beltline Bariatric Clinic is where your journey begins. You can rediscover the person in you with a new zeal of life and self-confidence.

The clinic specializes in delivering comprehensive weight loss solutions including pre-operative knowledge sessions, one-on-one surgical consultation, and ongoing medical support. The team comprises of nutritional experts, counselors, exercise physiologists, nurses, and doctors having advanced training, in-depth knowledge, and experience in bariatric surgery and medicine.

Experienced doctors provide a wide range of surgical as well as non-surgical options for weight loss to patients such as sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch, and body contouring.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs

At Beltline Bariatric Clinic, the team of doctors and associates specialize in cutting-edge weight loss treatments. The procedures are usually minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries to minimize postoperative pain, discomfort, and hospital stay. It also reduces the risk of scarring.

The clinic headed by Dr. Charles Procter Jr is a reputed name in Atlanta, Stockbridge, and Newnan. The procedure begins with an initial consultation with the patient followed by pore-operative counseling, patient support, diet, nutrition, and education. Thereafter, following the surgery, patients are given post-operative care and necessary medications. The team aims to ensure each patient receives optimal results.

The clinic has options for non-invasive surgery, such as body contouring. Experienced doctors carry out this procedure. They also have customized arrangements for patients with existing comorbidities.

Team Of Bariatric Surgeons

The Beltline Bariatric & Surgical Group is one of the leading weight loss surgery centers in Atlanta. Some of the top bariatric surgeries reckoned for their expertise, patient care, and compassion are associated with the clinic. Doctors suggest unique, customized, and all-inclusive plans to patients for the best solution to weight loss, good health, and confidence.

Here is a review of the top bariatric surgeons in this clinic:

Dr. Charles Procter: Dr. Charles Proctor is a renowned bariatric surgeon in Atlanta and Stockbridge. He is the heart of the Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group, providing optimum care and compassion to patients who hope to lose weight and live a richer, healthier, and happier life.

  • Joined a pre-medical program at the University of Georgia in the year 1995. Thereafter, he secured admission to the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine.
  • After completing his graduation, he completed residencies in general surgery at the Greenville Hospital System – the University of South Carolina and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.
  • Dr. Proctor is a trusted name on the TLC program, Family by the Ton – a reality show following the lives of three morbidly obese people seeking weight loss treatments and good health.
  • He holds a board certificate in general surgery and an active medical license in Georgia
  • Dr. Protector started practicing in 2007. He was focused on innovation.
  • He is a successful robotic-assisted surgeon in bariatric procedures, offering better accuracy and speedy recovery.
  • He became the first surgeon in Georgia to perform robotic-assisted cholecystectomy and then went on to perform fully robotic bariatric surgery.

Dr. Roger Eduardo: Dr. Roger Eduardo practices at Stockbridge and Newnan. His down-to-earth attitude makes him one of the most popular surgeons to handle each patient with compassion and care. He is the newest bariatric surgeon in the Beltline Bariatric team who joined in 2019.

  • Dr. Roger Eduardo got admission to Yale University where he completed his degree in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.
  • He attended the Emory University School of Medicine.
  • He completed a 24-hour-long rotation at the Grady Hospital, which made him realize that he wanted to become a surgeon.
  • He pursued his bariatric fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Florida, went on to become an expert in advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgery, such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, acid reflux surgery, bariatric revisional surgery, hernia repairs, and advanced endoscopy.
  • He is board-certified in general surgery. He holds an active medical license in Georgia.
  • Besides, there are many other specialist doctors and an extensive team to support weight loss procedures, which includes dieticians, physical health, and psychological health professionals. The entire team works in synergy to prove the optimum result.

Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

The clinic has state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise to perform an array of weight-loss surgeries, which include:

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Revisions
  • Robotic Surgery

These procedures are performed with utmost precision and care, to ensure long-term and effective results.

Patient Care and Support

Patients receive optimum care from the Beltline Bariatric Clinic. The team is committed to delivering exceptional patient care and ongoing support after the procedure. Surgeons and the support team understand the challenges of living with obesity. Hence, they are compassionate and cordial towards each patient, educating them on the procedure, and guiding them to lose weight safely and effectively.
Patient counseling and education is an imperative part of the comprehensive surgery program. It includes diet and nutrition, pre-operative knowledge, post-operative instructions, lifestyle coaching, recovery, and ongoing support.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

If you want to lose fat but you don’t want to go under the knife, there’s a non-surgical way of melting body fat. It is called Body Contouring/Sculpting.

SculptSure is an FDA-approved procedure that helps patients to reduce fat from their stomach, back, love handles, thighs, and neck. Patients receive treatments in those areas containing excess fat. Although the procedure does not provide an instant result, it is effective in 6 to 12 weeks.

Laser energy damages fat cells under the skin surface without affecting the skin. It raises the temperature in the fat cells, thus compromising structural integrity and eventually breaking down fat. Over time, the lymphatic system processes the cells and eliminates them from the body.

It is a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure.

Patient Reviews and Ratings

The Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group has received a 4.7 rating on Facebook. Patients consider this clinic to be the safest with expert surgeons performing the most advanced procedures with precision and care. Patients have also rated the clinic based on a comprehensive weight loss plan, patient care, and friendly team.


The Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group is one of the most sophisticated bariatric surgery centers in Atlanta, Newnan, and Stockbridge, offering patient care and standard services. If you want to have safe and long-term weight loss results, this clinic is just where you should be.

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