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Here’s a review of Central Valley Bariatrics, a popular bariatric surgery clinic run by Dr. Ara Keshishian.

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About Central Valley Bariatrics
Comprehensive Weight Loss Program
The expertise of Bariatric Surgeon
Weight Loss Surgery Procedures
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Patient Care & Support
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About Central Valley Bariatrics

Central Valley Bariatrics provides superior patient care and support. A two-decade-old and experienced clinic in California, Dr. Keshishian has performed more than 2000 weight loss surgeries and helped patients get back to their healthy lifestyle. The center appoints only highly skilled and clinically excellent physicians to be a part of the team.

When a patient comes to the Central Valley Bariatrics for the first time, he/she goes for a consultation. Staff gathers all the necessary information of a patient along with ongoing treatments and medications, before moving ahead.

Thereafter, a pre-operative program is followed and the patient has to go through psychological and nutritional evaluations. Following this, the surgery takes place.
After the surgery, the patient is given post-operative care and follow-up, which continues for a few months, as the surgeon deems fit.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

To achieve weight loss, patients must go through a series of processes. It is not about starvation but eating right and leading a healthy life. It begins with healthy choices and a lot of activities. However, in today’s difficult times and with so many tools to lose weight, people fall prey to the bandwagon and enter into fad diets.

Bariatric surgery is an innovative, safe, and guaranteed procedure to help you lose weight as well as maintain it, without any diet or medication. Of course, it is a surgery; a minimally invasive procedure that alters the digestive system to make sure you are less hungry. As a result, you would eat less and keep full.

The Expertise of Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Ara Keshishian is one of the eminent Board Certified General and Bariatric Surgeons in California with more than 20 years of experience in private practice. Dr. Keshishain along with this team are changing people’s lives and perception, giving them the power of their health, wellbeing, and self-esteem.

About Dr. Keshishian

  • Dr. Keshishian completed his Surgical Residency at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital from 1994-1999
  • He studied at the American University of the Caribbean Sint Maarten Medical School in 1994
  • He holds professional membership with the Board of Medicine (State of Michigan), Physicians and
  • Surgeons License (State of California), American Board of Surgery, American College of Surgeon
  • Certified Bariatric Surgeon MBSAQIP, and many other organizations
  • He has performed several advanced laparoscopic and general surgeries
  • He has performed over 500 revisions from various weight loss procedures like Adjustable Gastric Band, RNY Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch, and Sleeve surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Procedures

  • Laparoscopic Duodenal Switch
  • Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Adjustable Gastric Banding
  • Revision Weight Loss Surgery
  • Gastric Balloon
  • Gastric Bypass RNY
  • SADI/Loop/SIPS

Payment Options

Multiple payment options are available at the center. You can pay either with Credit or with Debit Card.

Patient Care & Support

Patient care is of utmost importance at the Central Valley Bariatrics under the supervision of Dr. Ara Keshishian. After the surgery, patients receive optimum care to recover and get back to a normal and healthy life.

In bariatric surgery, patients are given a diet post-surgery. It is very important to follow the diet and modifications from time to time. Only with regular follow-up and care, patients can expect a return to their normal life.

The team of doctors and staff take care and precaution to make sure the patient recovers with minimum effort.

Ratings & Reviews

The Central Valley Bariatrics has received a 4.5-star rating in Healthgrades and a 4.9-star rating in Facebook respectively. Patients have reviewed the center very highly and especially the services of Dr. Keshishian and his expert team of doctors and nurses.
As bariatric surgery is a relatively new procedure, it requires precision, finesse, and expertise to carry out this procedure and produce good results. Dr. Keshishian and the team are efficient.

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