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Dr. Galindo, also known as ‘The Golden Boy’, is a board-certified general surgeon who specializes in bariatric procedures. He has been performing these surgeries for over five years and has assisted numerous world-class surgeons throughout his career. His dedication to patient care and exceptional reviews have earned him a respected place at Pompeii Surgical.

What sets Dr. Galindo apart is his kind and compassionate approach towards special needs patients. He understands the anxiety and stress that can come with surgical procedures and takes extra time to ensure that his patients feel comfortable and cared for both before and after their surgeries. Patients appreciate his colorful sense of humor, timely jokes, and abstract patient care approach, which has earned him the nickname ‘Golden Boy’ among his colleagues at Pompeii.


17+ years


Award Winning WL Surgeon

Carrollton Regional Medical Center, Carrollton, Texas

Specializes in the Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Performs +100 Probono Procedures Annually

University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler in 2010.

Also, he holds a certificate from TX State Medical License.

Surgeries performed & Cost:

Gastric Sleeve –  $4,800,

Gastric Bypass – $5,800,

Mini Gastric Bypass – $5,800,

Lap-Band Revision – $5,800,

Gastric Bypass Revision – $5,800

Hiatal Hernia Repair – $5,000

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