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To lose weight and maintain it, people often resort to the last option – bariatric surgery. Of late, bariatric surgery is counted as one of the most sophisticated and advanced weight loss treatments designed to induce gradual weight loss. Historically, this surgery was reserved only for morbidly obese and critical patients who were at great risk. 

Since then, bariatric surgery is counted as an efficient tool for weight loss for overweight and obese individuals. Today, the American Heart Association (AHA), American Diabetes Association (ADA), The Obesity Society, and National Heart And Blood Institute endorse metabolic as well as bariatric surgery. 

With more than thousands of bariatric surgeries performed annually in Mexico, it is the leading place for bariatric procedures and medical tourism.  

Renew Bariatrics aspires to discover the unknown of undergoing a procedure in Mexico. The center is proud to be price transparent, prompt in response, and clear in its approach. Partnering with some of the leading hospital facilities, it is the right place to undergo this advanced surgery. 

This is a comprehensive review covering various aspects of Renew Bariatrics:

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  • Comprehensive Weight Loss Program
  • Team of Bariatric Surgeons
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Patient Care & Supporting
  • Pricing & Payment Options
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Renew Bariatrics was established to expand options for health care and availability for patients seeking weight loss surgery procedures, but at a low cost. The center has developed a strong bond with some of the leading bariatric surgeons serving Mexico, for people looking for result-oriented weight loss surgery packages in Mexico. 

Renew Bariatrics is different because it provides cost-effective weight loss procedures and solutions to patients for a safer weight loss. Patients coming to Renew are tired of expending a lot of money and countless hours in their attempt to lose weight. They want to find a way to have a good quality of life. They are also challenged in finding the right surgical solution without proper guidance.

Comprehensive Weight Loss Program

Renew Bariatrics recognized the cause of weight gain, which may vary from one person to another. As a result, the team emphasizes the principle of customized weight loss programs. Patients receive an individualized medical plan for weight loss as well as weight management aligned with personal goals. 

Surgeons and the team works with patients to understand their unique lifestyle patterns leading to weight gain. They work to ensure that patients can keep off the weight post-treatment. Over decades of medical proficiency and experience helps the team to focus on key patterns of treatment for long-term success. 


Choosing a team of experienced and licensed surgeons are the keys to positive surgical outcomes and weight loss results. The team and staff assist you to navigate through the entire journey of weight loss. 

At Renew Bariatrics, you would receive the most studied bariatric surgery options such as gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric balloon, revisional surgeries, and single-incision bariatric surgery. Since the time of their inception, the surgeons associated with Renew Bariatrics have performed thousands of procedures for patients worldwide. 

Here is a list of top bariatric surgeons associated with Renew Bariatrics:

  • Dr. Hector Perez: Dr. Perez is a certified and licensed bariatric surgeon. He is based in Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Perez received his certification from the Colegio Mexicano de Cirugia para la Obesidad y Endermedades Metabolicas, A.C, which is the Mexican College of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disease. He has more than 11 years of experience in bariatric surgery. 
  • Dr. Jorge Green: Dr. Green is a premier weight loss, or bariatric surgeon, in Tijuana, Mexico. He is one of the leading bariatric surgeons on the team with the experience of performing over 1000 bariatric surgeries. 
  • Dr. Antonio Cueva: Dr. Ceuva is another leading general and bariatric surgeon in the team. He is based in Tijuana, Mexico. He has also performed more than thousands of different types of surgeries.
  • Dr. Rene Armenta: Dr. Armeta is a skilled and proficient bariatric surgeon. He is an expert in gastric bypass revisional surgery and other revisional surgeries too. 

All the surgeons and the team are highly qualified and educated. They have dedicated their lives to continuous education and the latest medical facilities for obesity and treatment. Each surgeon is also dedicated to attend and participate in bariatric, obesity, and endoscopic conferences to learn the new findings related to the treatment of obesity. 


With the experience of thousands of surgical procedures, all the bariatric surgeons at Renew Bariatrics perform laparoscopic weight loss procedures. As a result, patients have to stay at the hospital for only a few days. 

Some of the advanced procedures performed at the Renew Bariatrics are:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Gastric Balloon Surgery
  • Gastric Banding Surgery

Expert doctors take utmost care to perform these procedures with precision for long-term and effective results. 

Patient Care

Renew Bariatrics is a committed team of highly qualified and licensed surgeons. They aim to deliver an optimum level of care to patients and post-surgery support. The support team completely understands how important and challenging it is to live with obesity. Hence, they are compassionate and empathetic towards each patient, educating them, and helping them to achieve their goals. 

Patient counseling is one of the integral parts of a comprehensive surgery package. It includes diet, pre-operative instructions, post-operative care, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle coaching. 

Patients seeking ongoing support from the team are provided post-operative support for a speedy recovery. 


Renew Bariatrics offers multiple financing options to patients. However, before that, you must know the pricing of bariatric treatments.

  • Gastric sleeve surgery has low complications and a high success rate. The price of this procedure begins from $4,199 onwards. 
  • Gastric bypass surgery is a standard procedure that provides effective results with minimum risks. It is priced at $5,599 onwards.
  • Duodenal Switch is an affordable procedure with the highest success rate. It is the right choice for morbidly obese patients. The procedure is priced at $5900 onwards. 
  • Gastric balloon surgery is a relatively new procedure. There are several options in this procedure. It is priced at $3,599 onwards.  

Financing Options for a weight loss surgery includes:

  • United Medical Credit
  • Citerra Finance
  • iFinance Medical Medicare
  • Private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid

Patient Review & Ratings

Renew Bariatrics has received a 4.9-Star rating in Google. Patients have shown their confidence and trust in the bariatric surgeons at the clinic. Some patients have also mentioned that the clinic offers professional services with a positive experience to make their weight loss journey a little less difficult. Surgeons converse with patients to educate them about the procedure and ensure that they fully understand and are aware of the pre and post-operative concerns. 


Renew Bariatrics is a fine, advanced, and sophisticated bariatric surgery clinic in Mexico, offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and standard services to patients. If you want to undergo a safe and effective bariatric surgery but you have not been able to choose the right option, you can consult the expert team of Renew Bariatrics for complete guidance and assistance.

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