Hospital itself was clean but “nurses” did not change gloves between patients when doing pre-op. Prior to time for surgery the doctor came in for less than 5 minutes. He called the other physician by the wrong name and laughed saying him and his brother look alike. This was the only time I saw the surgeon. When it’s time for surgery I was pushed in a wheelchair to the surgical room entrance and sat and waited as I watched them wheel the person who just came off the table out of the OR and head to take her back to her room. There is no way that they cleaned and disinfected everything properly between the surgeries. The “nurses” looked like they had just come out of high school. They did not speak much English and did not understand about simple medical things that I would say to them. There is no way they were registered nurses. The whole process was like herding cattle from one gate to another. The “all inclusive” surgery package ended up about $1000 more than what I initially paid. They charged extra for all meds in the hospital. Every time you were shuttled from one place to another the drivers pressured you for tips and talked about how little they make. When going back across the border, we were questioned by boarder patrol as to what we were doing in Mexico. Once we made it through back to the US the driver let out a big sigh like he was relived to have made it across. After getting home and expressing my concerns in a different Facebook group, I was removed from EOC’s Facebook page and they cut off all contact with me so I had no support from them or people that had surgery around the same time. Over all I do not recommend. They are very unprofessional and I was worried about my safety and healing.

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