Everything started out fine when I inquired and was approved for the gastric sleeve surgery. After a week of being approved I set the date and got the contract sent to me. After reading over the contract and noticing it was for the wrong surgery, as nothing was discussed on changing the surgeries. There was also a $2000 price difference. I emailed and asked why I was being sent for a different surgery. I got the response the next day saying that it was recommended that I get the RNY surgery instead of the sleeve based on my issues. There was no explanation of why it was recommended or prior knowledge that they changed the surgery. When I said I didn’t want the surgery that they recommend and failed to tell me about I received attitude about the sleeve making my issues worse but not being told why the RNY would make my issues better. And being told that I can cancel the date if I don’t want the recommended surgery. I did cancel because I wasn’t informed on what was going to be happening to my body and received disrespect when voicing my concerns.

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