I do not want to discourage anyone from making a decision to improve your health and lifestyle, but I would use caution with dealing with Elias Ortiz and Co (EOC) operating under RitePitch LLC for your bariatric surgery. Their US team (Michele Riter and the nursing coordinators) are very rude and unprofessional. There are stories of them acting highly unethical and I had my own personal experience with them and they took all of my money and blocked me from communication, I did not get the surgery and they refused a refund. Read the contract carefully. Once they have the money, they owe you nothing. There is no flexibility for nuances, and you will receive their wrath of unethical communication and manipulation to pull a fast one on you. There are a lot of people who have also had great experiences, but be wary of community marketing. I had to hire an attorney to get my money back after being blocked for canceling my surgery after some unprofessional communication. They are a US-based company with zero consumer rights, which will require a lawyer to get your money back if anything happens out of your control. The bottom of their website states “Elias Ortiz & Company is a scheduling facilitator. We are not healthcare providers. The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice nor create any physician-patient relationship. We suggest that visitors to this site discuss the information contained here with their own physician.”
They have a lot of fake reviews and community ambassadors, so I would look for reviews on platforms like this and non-owned consumer review websites when making a decision on who to go with. Here’s a site that I found (when it was too late) with real reviews.¬†https://mexicogastricsleeve.org/elias-ortiz-company/

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