Lighter Dream Bariatric performed gastric sleeve surgery on me recently, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Lighter Dream Bariatric’s staff is exceptional, and they go above and beyond to make certain that their patients are informed and at ease throughout the entire procedure. They were available to answer my questions even when they weren’t in the office. They regularly checked in on me during my stay to ensure that everything was going well. In point of fact, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a refund just two weeks after my surgery. I had a successful surgery without any problems. I was given all the information I needed to know about what to expect and what I needed to do after surgery from the Lighter Dream Bariatric team. They provided me with every tool I needed to have a successful journey. The hospital where the surgery was performed was extremely clean and inviting, and the nurses were extremely understanding and professional. Overall, Lighter Dream Bariatric is the best option for scheduling your surgery.

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