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Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano is one of the finest surgeons working with a proficient team of expert doctors, nurses, and staff. At this weight loss center, patients experience the best quality of treatment in a fully equipped clinic with state-of-the-art installations. 

This review covers some important details of the Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano weight loss clinic:

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The Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano Weight Loss Center is fully equipped with the latest facilities. Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano explains that obesity is a complex condition. It is important for people living with obesity to take their condition seriously right from the start. 

It is not just about losing weight, but about living a healthy life. When a person becomes obese, he/she goes through many psychological changes. At the center, doctors take proactive measures to educate patients either to fight their metabolism and convince the body that so much fat is not required. 

Bariatric surgery is a powerful metabolic procedure. The body shall undergo many hormonal changes to improve the physiology of the body. 

Overall, the weight loss center aims to help patients that this is a long battle, and bariatric surgery is the only solution. 


Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano is a reputed and board certified surgeon based in Tijuana, Mexico. He works with a brilliant team of experienced professionals in a state-of-the-art hospital. The hospital offers high quality treatment in the safest and most comfortable environment. 

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano is an excellent General and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon. Bariatric procedures like sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass help patients with their weight loss goals. With these procedures, it is possible to lose weight quickly and efficiently compared to the combined effort of dietary changes and exercises. As bariatric surgery changes the metabolism of a patient, results are much faster and long-lasting. 

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano completed his medical school and did a specialization in general surgery. He spent four years at Dr. Valentin Gomez Farias Hospital, the most famous hospital of the State System of Mexico), Guadalajara. One of the most highly specialized hospitals that train in both basic as well as advanced laparoscopic procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery. 

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano is highly experienced in emergency management and handling critically sick patients. He was awarded ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) Certification from the American College of Surgeons and ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) Certification from the American Heart Association. 

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano is an expert in sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and different types of revision surgeries – LAP Band to Sleeve, Sleeve to Bypass, etc. Over the years, he has successfully performed more than 5000 procedures. 

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano performs the following procedures:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • RNY Gastric Bypass
  • LAP BAND to Sleeve Revision

Cost & Payment

Tijuana is the hub of medical tourism. Patients come to Tijuana, Mexico, from all four corners of the world for various types of treatments. Weight loss procedures are the most common treatments because they cost much less than the USA and other countries. 

Sleeve Gastrectomy costs $4,600 onwards. 

Mini Gastric Bypass costs $5,800 onwards. 

RNY Gastric Bypass costs $6,800 onwards.

LAP BAND to Sleeve Revision costs $5,600 onwards.

Patient Ratings & Reviews

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano Bariatrics Hospital has received 5-Star ratings in Google. Patients commented highly about this hospital stating that the process was extremely smooth and the staff is helpful. Patients feel safe and comfortable with Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano.  Some patients also reviewed that the hospital is spotless and clean. Staff provide ultimate care and address patient requirements. 


Final Verdict

Overall Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano Bariatrics is an extraordinary hospital with advanced facilities and equipment to perform the most complicated surgeries.

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