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Dr Francisco Gonzalez is a General Surgeon with a Bariatric Surgery speciality who has over two decades of expertise in weight loss surgery. He is Board qualified in General Surgery and Board Certified in Bariatric Surgery, and he possesses two professional licences: a General Medical Licence and a General Surgery Licence, as well as being a qualified bariatric surgeon.

He is a laparoscopic surgery specialist who has conducted over 4,000 laparoscopic operations, 6,000 bariatric surgeries, and assisted in over 7,000 metabolic and bariatric surgical treatments.

He has taught and spoken at the UABC medical school, where he instructs other surgeons on the technical subtleties of difficult bariatric surgical techniques. Dr. Gonzalez has taught hundreds of young surgeons all around the world how to do weight reduction surgery in a safe and successful manner. The Oasis of Hope Hospital is a cutting-edge institution with cutting-edge broadcast capabilities that routinely feeds live surgical procedures to worldwide conventions and symposiums.


  • 2003: Certification in Advanced Bariatric Surgery Alcoy, Spain
  • 1997: Certification in Advanced Bariatric Surgery Hospital General de Tijuana
  • 1991: Specialization in Laparoscopic Surgery Centro Medico Nacional La Raza Mexico City


Dr Francisco Gonzalez is most recognised for his work with Lap-Band patients, but he is now regarded as a major specialist in the field of Bariatric Surgery, which includes the Gastric Sleeve, the Gastric Bypass, and other revision operations. He is one of the first weight reduction surgeons to be certified by INAMED, the only FDA-approved lap band provider in the United States. Dr Francisco Gonzalez has some very interesting prices of the surgeries he perform

  • Gastric Sleeve: $4,395
  • Gastric Re-Sleeve: $4,750
  • Sleeve to Duodenal Switch: $8, 500
  • Bypass to Duodenal Switch: $9,250
  • Lap Band to Sleeve: $4,500
  • Sleeve to Bypass: $7,250
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