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Dr. Jacqueline Osuna is a well-known bariatric surgeon who performs weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta. She is a member of the Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery, a medical organisation that assists surgeons in honing their skills.

Dr. Jacqueline Osuna has been doing bariatric surgery since 2007 and has always been on the cutting edge of the procedure. She is well-known for her surgical procedures that are both safe and successful. Her experience and approach also place her among the top bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Dr. Osuna specialises in delivering low-cost weight reduction surgeries so that our patients may fight obesity while experiencing a faster recovery and more consistent outcomes. She works at Hospital Mi Doctor with Mexico Bariatric Centre.

Dr. Jacqueline Osuna-Rubio is more than a weight loss specialist. She is a kind, sensitive, and understanding person whose aim it is to assist each patient with achieving maximum health through bariatric treatments. Dr. Jacqueline Osuna is a famous bariatric surgeon in Zapopan and Tijuana, MX, whose exact competence, significant experience, and natural compassion enable her to consistently offer high-quality solutions to her patients.


With Dr. Osuna, safety and quality are always first. Dr. Osuna exclusively employs the most contemporary and established procedures with great precision and care in each operation to achieve long-term outcomes.

Obesity’s direct, indirect, and personal expenditures place significantly more burden on your cash than the cost of weight reduction surgery. Obesity’s unanticipated cost might affect you in a variety of ways:

  • Increased healthcare spending
  • Wage reductions
  • More sick days

In order to overcome such issues Dr Osuma has very nominal prices for the surgeries performed.

  • Sleeve: $4,595
  • Bypass: $5,795
  • Duodenal Switch: $6,995
  • Balloon: $3,695
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