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Dr. Luis Enrique Montao is a Tijuana-based surgeon with a long record of accomplishments. He is a caregiver, focused on his patients’ well-being and going above and above for them. He attended UABC, the local state university, which is globally regarded. His passion for surgery prompted him to begin the residency programme at Tijuana General Hospital, where he conducted over 300 laparoscopic procedures and assisted his mentors in over 1500 surgeries over the course of four years.

All of his team members are well trained and committed to continued education and the most recent medical understanding of obesity and its management. Dr Luis Montao and his surgical team follows best practises for gastric sleeve surgery, such as employing titanium staples (including Ethicon and Covidien), the most recent surgical staples, buttressing the staple line and completing several leak tests.

To mention a few of his instructors, he trained with Dr. Cesar Romero and Dr. Sergio Mascareo FACS. During his last year of residency, he filed for board certification and was accepted. Since then, he has been qualified in both general and laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Luis and his team do all operations laparoscopically or using minimally invasive surgery. After working as an attending at local hospitals, he joined Dr. Jorge Maytorena Soto Gil’s bariatric team, aiding him in over a thousand bariatric procedures.


He subsequently established his own Bariatric practise, and he has been assisting patients in becoming a healthier version of themselves every day since. He is driven to always improve. As a result, he attends lectures and training courses at the local, national, and worldwide levels. In 2020, he began the process of being certified in bariatric surgery.

  • Gastric Sleeve: $4,800
  • Band to Sleeve: $5,800
  • OAGB: $5,700
  • Sleeve to RNY: $6,500
  • RYNB: $5,700
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