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Dr. Bustamante earned his doctorate in 2009 from the Univ Autonoma De Baja California Tijuana Fac De Med Y Psicologia. He practises Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine in El Paso, TX and eight other cities. Dr. Bustamante works at University Medical Centre Of El Paso.

His specialties includes:

  • Gastroenterology

Gastroenterologists diagnose and treat digestive disorders, such as ulcers, stomach pain, constipation, reflux, and Crohn’s disease.

His sub-specialties includes:

  • General Gastroenterology

Dr. Marco Bustamante practises gastroenterology in El Paso, Texas, and is linked with several local institutions, including institutions of Providence East Campus-Tenet Healthcare and University Medical Centre of El Paso.


Dr. Marco Bustamante offers gastroenterologists diagnose and treat digestive disorders, including general gastroenterology in El Paso, Texas at most affordable rates. Such charges include:

Location Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass Duodenal Switch LAP-BAND
Tijuana $4,700 $6,300 $7,300 $5,700

Surgeon’s phone number:

Mexico (664) 980-0888

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