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Dr. Omar Fonseca is an experienced bariatric surgeon specialising in laparoscopic bariatric surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. He has conducted several bariatric procedures and has taken part in numerous post-doctoral training programmes.  Dr. Omar Fonseca provides a variety of extra facilities  and is well-suited to foreign patients, with personnel fluent in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Fonseca is also a member of the IFSO (International Federation for Obesity Surgery) and a member of the European Council of Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Omar Fonseca is the ideal choice for your gastric bypass or sleeve surgery since he has over 15 years of expertise. His field of studies include:

  • Specialist in bariatric surgery
  • Surgeon and Obstetrician: University of Baja California, 2008 Specialisation in general surgery.
  • Valentin Gómez Farias Regional Hospital, 2010.
  • Metabolic Surgery and Obesity Training at the Centre of Excellence for the Study and Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes in Valladolid, Spain In October 2010, a training certificate was granted.
  • Hospital 5 de Diciembre, laudatory statement and acknowledgement of medical merit
  • Active member of the Baja California College of General Surgeons, ATLS, Guadalajara, 2007.


Dr. Omar Fonseca has experience as: Surgical practises professor- Xochicalco University which is located in Mexicali, BC., Bariatric surgery programme initiator. December 5 Hospital, ISSSTE, 2009., Hospital’s surgical division chief. 5th of December, 2017, got a Worker Award, ISSSTE, 2009, The Metabolic and Obesity Surgery programme was founded and is now led by a surgeon, ISSSTECALI Hospital, Mexicali, British Columbia, 2009, Dr. Omar Fonseca Weight Loss Surgery practised bariatric surgery in a private setting in 2008. Dr. Omar Fonseca provides the following services at following prices:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Prices begin about $5,000.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery – Prices start about $6,000
  • Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery – Prices start about $6,000
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