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Dr. Sergio Del Hoyo is a surgeon in Puerto Vallarta, México, with over 15 years of expertise. He is a general surgeon who specialises in gastrointestinal surgery. He has completed training in laparoscopic and obesity surgery. He is board certified in his profession and a member of several groups, including:

  • Mexican College of Obesity and Metabolic Disease Surgery
  • International Federation of Obesity and Metabolic Disease Surgery
  • Mexican Association of General Surgery
  • Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery

He has conducted hundreds of surgeries in general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and bariatric surgery. He is known for constantly working with a strong sense of ethics and duty, as well as maintaining high standards of safety, medical excellence, and human compassion. Dr. Sergio Del Hoyo personally attends and individualises each of his patients, always delivering the finest alternative for their treatment using cutting-edge surgical medical techniques. He is directly in charge of his patients’ interaction, attending to and individualising each one’s care, and always delivering the greatest treatment alternatives using cutting-edge medical and surgical techniques.

His most often requested obesity operations include:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Gastric Bypass RNY
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Single Incision Gastric Sleeve SILS
  • Bariatric Revision


The average cost of a sleeve gastrectomy in the United States and Canada is USD $10,606 (CAD $13,235). The identical surgery costs $4,500 (CAD $5,615) at Dr. Sergio del Hoyo. This implies you can easily save more than half of the procedure’s cost. These savings can help you pay for your trip to Mexico for treatment. Furthermore, the average cost of gastric bypass surgery in the United States and Canada is USD $18,905 (CAD $23,590). The treatment costs roughly USD $6,500 (CAD $8,111) at Dr. Sergio del Hoyo.

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