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EndoBariatric is one of the state-of-the-art weight loss facilities based in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Located in a border town, closer to San Antonio, Texas, the center has been the most preferred choice for Mexicans as well as people who visit the country for medical facilities from different parts of the world.

People visiting EndoBariatric come with many issues besides weight loss. They may have tried many diets combined with exercise routines, or starved for months, or had New Year’s resolutions. However, nothing might have worked in their favor, to help them achieve their goal. Fatigued, discouraged, demotivated, and struggling patients resort to surgery as the final step to lose weight.
EndoBariatic is a weight loss center where you have only one choice – gastric sleeve surgery. Following the advice of Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, a qualified and reputed bariatric surgeon, patients can choose any of the surgical procedures to lose weight and keep it off.

In this review, we shall cover the following:

  • About EndoBariatric
  • Expert Bariatric Surgeons
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Cost & Financing
  • Patient Review & Ratings
  • Final Verdict

About EndoBariatric

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez’s EndoBariatric is a highly advanced weight loss surgery center. Dr. Alvarez and his team carefully craft gastric sleeve surgery with the help of his team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses, who have been constantly associated with the center through 17,800+ gastric sleeve surgeries.

Since the center only offers gastric sleeve surgery, he is extremely dedicated to the technique and maintains world-class standards. Hence, patients have a satisfactory experience. In addition, the center records the lowest post-surgery complications. It is also the obvious reason why patients coming from different parts of the world, traveling to Mexico, choose EndoBariatric.

EndoBariatric is different from the rest because it offers 5 Star unconditional guarantee to patients:

  • Disney-like treatment from your arrival to the last flight
  • One-price payment with no hidden costs
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced surgical equipment and the latest technology
  • Least complicated results
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Patient healthy, weight loss, and safety are the topmost priorities at EndoBariatric.

Expert Bariatric Surgeons

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez

Dr. Alvarez is an exceptionally skilled and experienced bariatric surgeon in Mexico. He specializes in gastric sleeve surgery (laparoscopic). Beginning his career as a bariatric surgeon, he specializes in general surgery residency. He has also worked in different hospitals in France, Mexico, and the United States during the time of his residency. Post that, he devoted his career to helping patients battling obesity.

His work is backed by an experienced team of doctors, nurses, and staff to help patients achieve quick recovery, a long and healthy life, and lose weight.

His credentials include:

  • Graduated from the School of Medicine, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterry, Mexico
  • Specialized in Advanced Laparoscopy from the Christus Muguerza Monterrey Hospital, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Completed General Surgery Residency from Christus Muguerza Monterrey Hospital, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Dr. Alvarez has completed his bariatric surgery training from eminent bodies like Mexico and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Training from Mexican Association of General Surgery in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, ACS (American College of Surgeons) in Chicago (Illinois), European Institute of Telesurgery for Advanced Obesity Surgery from Strasbourg in France, SAGES (The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons) in Dallas (Texas), AMCE (Mexican Association of Endoscopic Surgery) in Puerto Vallarta
  • Dr. Alvarez is an active member of several international organizations like SAGES (Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons), IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorder), Surgeon of Excellence Distinction since 2012, ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery), and Speaker on Gastric Sleeve at various conferences

Dr. Gabriel Rosales

Dr. Rosales is a certified bariatric surgeon at EndoBariatric. He attended the prestigious Medical School University of Monterrey and earned the much-coveted position of Chief Resident during his residency. He joined Dr. Alvarez and the team in 2008, as an experienced surgical assistant. He has conducted more than 10,000 gastric sleeve procedures with Dr. Alvarez.

Dr. Alberto Garza

Dr. Garza is a General Physician. He earned a medical degree from the eminent University of Monterrey. He also received higher honors for his medical academic achievements. He was a former patient of Dr. Alvarez who went on to be an integral part of EndoBariatric after observing the outcome.

Dr. Ulises Salinas

Dr. Salinas is an anesthesiologist who specialized in intensive patient care. With over 25 years of medical experience and adequate special training in tough airway intubation, his work has been recognized with many awards by the licensing board and his peers for his skill and dedication in his field of practice. He is a part of the EndoBariatric team for more than 9 years. He has taken charge of thousands of bariatric surgery patients with Dr. Alvarez in the Operating Room.

Surgical Procedures

At EndoBariatric, Dr. Alvarez performs only gastric sleeve surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. As per his experience, this is the only procedure that provides excellent outcomes to patients with limited risks compared to other procedures. Moreover, the surgery also permanently reduces stomach capacity to keep caloric intake in control. Hence, patients experience substantial and sustainable weight loss without dieting.

Cost & Finance

EndoBariatric offers all-inclusive weight loss procedure in several packages:

  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG): $8,499
  • Gastric Band to Vertical Sleeve Surgery or Revisional Surgery: $9,500
  • Gastric Band Surgery (ONLY removal): $5,500

If you are short on instant cash but still want to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, apply for finance with EndoBariatric. The weight loss center is associated with a few financing companies that can assist you ahead.

Reviews & Ratings

EndoBariatric has received a 5-Star rating in Google. It has also garnered hundreds of reviews from happy patients who underwent the procedure with the help of Dr. Alvarez and his incredibly skilled team of doctors and nurses.

Patients mentioned that they received the best care and clear instructions from the team. The expertise of the surgeon and his team were mentioned by several patients who believe that only a skilled bariatric surgeon could perform this procedure with such finesse and ease.

The follow-up team was highly appreciated by many patients. The team, in general, is willing and prompt in their response to inquiries.

Overall, excellent quality of treatment and care was is appreciated all over the reviews on Google.

Final Verdict

Mexico is the leading destination for medical tourism. Of all the bariatric clinics, EndoBariatric has particularly exceeded expectations because of various reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few bariatric surgery centers that offer only one type of surgery – gastric sleeve surgery. Dr. Alvarez, a certified bariatric surgeon, specializes in gastric sleeve surgery and aims to help patients with his skillful surgical expertise. In addition, the center offers all-inclusive packages for bariatric surgery with financing options to help patients with their financial needs.

Overall, EndoBariatric offers the best experience to patients coming from different parts of the world.

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EndoBariatic Reviews – Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Reviews, Cost

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