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Mexico Bariatric Center is known for some of the best bariatric surgeons who are thoroughly screened based on their work experience, professional accreditation, integrity, and surgical expertise. Out of nine board-certified bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico Bariatric Center has three most accomplished doctors working for them. This is a vital aspect that gives the specialty clinic a competitive edge.

Their team of surgeons holds certification evaluated by the most prestigious Mexican College of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery and has FACS membership. A Fellow, American College of Surgeons (FACS) indicates high standards of education, competence, training, and ethical conduct.

The surgeons are also General Surgery certified in Bariatric Surgery, which is the basic credential requiring a bachelor’s license, medical degree, hospital residency, and successfully passing the exam conducted by the Mexican Council of General Surgery. They use state-of-the-art equipment and technology and are capable of safely completing 3-4 surgeries every day, ensuring patient safety.

Their team of surgeons comprises of:

Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon: A Board-certified bariatric surgeon, he has pursued high levels of training and skillfulness in the United States and Mexico. He is known for his friendliness and compassion and has high success rates in the industry.

  • Educational qualification includes training in advanced laparoscopy and bariatric surgery, IMSS, Rotary Pregrade Internship, and General Surgery Residency
  • Board certified by CMCG and CMCOEM, and a member of the American College of Surgeons
  • Performed 3,500+ bariatric surgeries successfully

Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela – Chief Bariatric Surgeon: She is reckoned as the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico, providing tailored weight loss surgery solutions to her patients. Having undergone gastric sleeve surgery herself, Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela has high success rates globally with minimalist complications.

  • Popularly known as “La Madrina” or the God Mother of all Surgeries.
    Special educational accomplishments include Social Service Hospital Training and Internship, Specialization in General Surgery, and Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery
  • Certified Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeon
  • Performed 5,000+ bariatric surgeries with zero complication rate

Dr. Miguel Montalvo – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon: Having worked with prestigious institutions like Mexico Bariatric Center and A Lighter Me, Dr. Miguel Montalvo is one of the top-notch gastric sleeve specialists in Mexico. He is a certified bariatric surgeon and has a proven track record of successfully completing numerous weight loss surgeries.

  • Pursued medical training from the prestigious Faculty of Medicine of the Baja California State University
  • An active member of the General Surgery Mexican Association, the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) and Metabolic Disorders, and MSMBS
  • Successfully performed 2,000+ bariatric surgeries

Dr. Rodriguez Lopez – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon: Popularly known as “Super Surgeon,” Dr. Lopez has vast expertise in the duodenal switch, single-incision gastric sleeve surgery, and handling some of the most complex bariatric surgeries.

  • Training in Rotary Pregrade Internship, Social Service, IMSS, General Surgery Residency, and Advanced Laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgery
  • Numerous certifications and capable of performing a variety of bariatric procedures
  • Experience in performing over 3,000+ surgeries

Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon: He is a board-certified bariatric surgeon with over a decade of experience practicing in Tijuana, Mexico. He has successfully performed more than 4,800 bariatric surgeries with minimalist complications.

  • Academic excellence includes a degree in General Medicine, specialty in General and Digestive Surgery, Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy, and certification of participation in observation in obesity surgeries
  • Certified by Mexican Council of General Surgeons and Mexico College of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeons
  • High success rates with minimal complication record

Dr. Jacqueline Osuna – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon: A trusted and highly skilled doctor in Tijuana, Dr. Osuna is rated high for her surgical expertise and patient care. She has performed over 4,000 bariatric surgeries over her span of experience in this industry.

  • General Surgery from Cook County Hospital and later pursued a medical degree from Universidad de Guadalajara
  • Pursued professional courses in endoscopic surgery and laparoscopic surgery
  • 10+ years of experience in bariatrics, performing 2,000+ surgeries successfully

Staff members at Mexico Bariatric Center are courteous and friendly, providing excellent support and patient care all through. They are compassionate about their patients’ bariatric surgery needs and provide ongoing assistance throughout the journey. The clinic has a specialized team of assistant surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses who have expert training and experience in their field of knowledge. They support bariatric surgeons in patient care and achieving excellent outcomes.

The founder and CEO of Mexican Bariatric Center is Ron Elli, a PhD and a pioneer in bariatrics surgery since 2007. He has successfully helped over 10,000 patients seamlessly experience this life-transforming operation. Additionally, the staff members include patient coordinators, dieticians, patient advocates, transportation coordinator, administration, and aftercare support team who are readily available to guide the patients.

Patients at Mexican Bariatric Center have reported positive reviews about the friendliness and cooperation they get from the team.


According to a study, obesity kills 1 out of 5 people globally. The life-threatening disease is considered to increase the death rate caused by cardiovascular diseases by at least 4 times and cancer 2 times. If there is co-morbidity, the mortality rate increases manifold.

Professional bariatric surgery can help overcome the challenges of obesity; however, the success rate depends largely on the experience and skillfulness of the bariatric center you choose. Mexico Bariatric Center stands out among others owing to their expertise in every type of bariatric surgery.

They specialize in bariatric weight loss surgery that includes:

Surgical Procedures: The bariatric clinic has decades of experience and a proven track record in various weight-loss surgical procedures that encompass:

Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) – The laparoscopic or single-incision Sleeve Gastrectomy is a simple and effective weight loss procedure that helps remove up to 85% of the stomach. By surgically removing a portion of the stomach, the procedure uses the “restriction” technique to dramatically curb the patient’s feeling of hunger throughout the day.
MCB has gained recognition for its skillfulness and success rate in gastric sleeve surgery and ensures a faster recovery time of 1-2 weeks or even less.

Mini Gastric Bypass: The 1.5 – 2 hours surgery uses both malabsorption and restriction techniques to reduce hunger pangs and stimulate quicker and effective weight loss. An MCB surgeon will create a sleeve-shaped upper part of the stomach and reconnect the smaller stomach to a bypassed portion of the small intestine.

Expected weight loss in the first year is 70-78% with a recovery time of 2-4 weeks.

Duodenal Switch: Another weight loss surgical procedure that the Mexico Bariatric Center specializes in is the Duodenal Switch. The surgeons here use the technique of Bilio-pancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch to eliminate a major portion of the stomach. The smaller, sleeve-shaped stomach is them “switched” within the last 40% of the small intestine.

This helps limit calorie absorption and facilitates up to 80% weight loss in the first year.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: In this weight loss procedure, the stomach is kept in place but only a small new stomach pouch is created. A part of the small intestine is bypassed to ensure only fewer calories are absorbed into the body. The process ensures an average 73% weight loss in the first year.

However, the procedure may improve the conditions of high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep apnea because a new stomach is formed and the entire anatomy changes.

Revision Surgeries: Another field where MBC has gained recognition is its ability to re-correct unsuccessful or outdated bariatric surgeries done earlier. They can revise Lap Band to bypass or gastric sleeve or improve any failed gastric bypass procedure. They also have expertise in gastric sleeve revision.

Non-surgical Procedures: The bariatric center also provides specialized non-surgical weight loss procedures such as:

Gastric Balloon: It is the process of placing a balloon in the stomach, which is orally inserted. The balloon is inflated and remains in the stomach for 6-12 months. The mild procedure can help a patient lose over 20 to 40 pounds on average.

The bariatric center is committed to making the weight loss experience seamless for patients visiting Mexico for the surgery. Therefore, they provide comprehensive weight loss surgery packages that include:

  • Doctor consultation, pre-operative test and evaluation
  • Airport/hotel and hospital transportation
  • Hospital admission charges
  • Surgeon and anesthetist fees
  • Antibiotics and other medicine
  • 1 night pre-operative and 1-night post-operative stay in the hotel
  • Nutrition program
  • Telephone calls to the U.S at no extra cost

Patient Ratings & Reviews

Mexico Bariatric Center is rated 4.6/5 stars on Google. 97.4% of the patients would recommend the brand because of their in-depth knowledge and expertise in safe and reliable bariatric surgery. The clinic focuses on patient education, explaining everything regarding what to expect with surgery and post-operative care. They only provide surgical treatment solution after thoroughly understanding the patient’s health condition and co-morbidity.

Their individualized treatment plans, transparent pricing, pre-and-post operation nutrition program, and commitment towards patient care have gained the clinic a good repute in Mexico and the U.S. Patients have also reviewed the surgical procedures to be effective in weight loss with little or no complications.


Mexico Bariatric Center provides economical weight loss surgery packages that include the following costs:

  • Gastric Sleeve: Starting at $4,595
  • Gastric Bypass: Starting at $5,995
  • Gastric Balloon: Starting at $3,695
  • Duodenal Switch: Starting a $6,995
  • Revision Surgery: Starting at $5,145


Dedicated customer support and transparent communication is another appreciable aspect of the Mexico Bariatric Center. The U.S. based bariatric clinic is available for all types of inquiries and feedback on (855) 768-7247.


Based on the above review, it can be concluded that Mexico Bariatric Center is a trustworthy and quality bariatric clinic that you can rely upon for safe and effective weight loss surgery. However, it is crucial to thoroughly review their services, expertise, cancellation and refund policies before undergoing the surgery.

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