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Pompeii Surgical Center is a premier weight loss surgery center, located in downtown Tijuana, Mexico. Established in 2006, the bariatric center has continuously upgraded its infrastructure, services, and excellence to help people with obesity. They are a fully-insured and experienced company, with some of the best bariatric surgeons helping people battle obesity and restore healthy living.

For holistic patient experience, the bariatric center provides comprehensive services that also include insurance, travel and lodging, and financing. This is an added benefit of getting weight loss surgery done by Pompeii Surgical Center that the patients have highlighted in their reviews – the one-stop solution for their bariatric surgery needs in Mexico.

Patient Care

Surgical Center Facility: This is one of the most integral parts of Pompeii Surgical Center review. World-class, comfortable and safe ambiance is a key factor that patients consider before choosing a bariatric center for weight loss surgery. Their services and efforts towards patient care also play an integral role.

Pompeii Surgical Center has a beautiful environment and interior décor that will instantly make you feel at home. The hospital facility is accredited as per U.S. bariatric center policies, claims the company. The patient rooms are small but comfortable and equipped with smart TVs, iPad, heating & cooling system, high speed internet, and other modern comforts.

The rooms also come with sleeper sofas for the patient’s sleep-over companion. One can choose fully-facilitated single rooms, twin sharing, or suites with luxury bathrooms, an additional room, and desk area. As the bariatric center claims, their celebrity suites are among the most luxurious patient rooms in the world. Pompeii is also ranked #1 in the quality of patient rooms by Baja California.

Operating Rooms: To make the patients feel safe and comfortable, the operating rooms are also made pristine and equipped with all modern life-saving equipment required to perform weight-loss surgical procedures or manage emergency conditions. A commendable feature of the bariatric center is its on-location, specialized pharmacy that helps them ensure the safety of their patients.

Patient Care: Focusing on patient care, they have designed the surgical center to specifically fulfill the needs of modern bariatric procedures and meet the individual needs of the patients. Patient education, pre-and-postoperative diet, getting insurance, arranging travel and accommodation, and helping to return home – they provide a complete package to ensure a seamless experience for the patients visiting Mexico for a bariatric surgery.

Dedicated patient care is available 24/7 as reviewed by many of their ex-patients.

Facility Cleaning and Hygiene: As the hospital claims, the ratio of their facility cleaning staff to patient count is an average 3:1. A key feature of this bariatric center is they maintain high standards of hygiene, sterilizing the entire facility multiple times a day. There is also a dedicated cleaning team for the operating rooms.

Pompeii Surgical Center Team

Pompeii Surgical Center vouches by their highly qualified team of surgeons who have decades of experience in bariatric surgery.

Dr. Sergio Quinones: He is the Chief of Surgery at Pompeii and has over 14 years of expertise in weight loss surgery.

  • School of Medicine and Surgery – Tijuana County General, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Board-certified bariatric surgeon in Mexico
  • Associated with prestigious bodies related to Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopic Surgery in Miami and Florida
  • Expertise in gastric sleeve general session, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and minimal invasion surgery

Dr. Enrique Saucedo: He is known as one of the most compassionate and friendly bariatric surgeons in Tijuana.

  • Education and experience in advanced laparoscopic surgery, gastric sleeve, pancreatic surgery, and comprehensive management of childhood and adult obesity
  • Over 12+ years of experience and proven track record in bariatric surgeries with zero complications
  • Board certified in General Surgery by School of Medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
  • Experience in Clinical Nutrition and Trauma Surgery
  • Dr. Carlos Galindo Lopez: The ‘Golden Boy’ of bariatric surgery, popular among his patients for immense friendliness, patient care, and pre-and-post interaction.
  • Over 5+ years of experience in performing and assisting in bariatric surgeries
    Performs 100+ Pro Bono procedures every year
  • Board certified in General Surgery and specializes in gastric sleeve procedure

In addition to the surgeons, Pompeii Surgical Center has an extensive team of qualified professionals who focus solely on patient care and making every weight loss surgery a success. Clients have appreciated their English-speaking, compassionate and friendly staff who are ready to help the patients in every possible way.

From an efficient surgical team to skilled nursing staff, administrative, C-level executives, and translators – they aim to provide the best bariatric surgery experience in Mexico. Their surgical team comprises experienced bariatric surgeons, assisting surgeons, anesthetists, nutritionists, and others.

Bariatric Surgical Procedures and Cost

Pompeii Surgical Center specializes in the following surgical procedures:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – $5,300
It helps lose over 70% of excess body fat in just two years. This is the most recommended surgical procedure for most patients.

Gastric Bypass Surgery – $6,300
Pompeii has expertise in successfully performing this weight loss procedure. It is ideally recommended for patients who have a high BMI and have comorbidity like Diabetes.

Mini Gastric Bypass – $6,300
A relatively safe and minimally-invasive surgery, this is considered more effective and safer than Gastric Bypass. The bariatric center has proven expertise in successfully performing mini gastric bypass surgery.

Lap Band Revision to Sleeve: $6,300
If the patient has previously-done lap band, the surgical center can revise it into gastric sleeve to provide long-term and reliable weight management solution.

Gastric Sleeve Revision: $5,800
The hospital is also known to provide better results for patients who have earlier undergone gastric sleeve surgery and are considering a revision.

Sleeve to Bypass Revision: $6,300
Clients have reviewed Pompeii Surgical Center to be efficient in revising a gastric sleeve procedure to gastric bypass or mini bypass.

Revision to Pouch Reduction: $6,300
The center also has experience in revising any bariatric procedure to pouch reduction, also known as gastric bypass.

Gastric Sleeve Plication: $5,300
Pompeii has specialized knowledge and expertise in this procedure and is recommended for patients who have particular health needs and cannot undergo gastric sleeve.

Hiatal Hernia Repair: $500
This is often done during the bariatric surgery to determine whether the patient has hernia or it can cause a health concern

The above indicates that Pompeii Surgical Center has experienced performing various types of bariatric and associated surgeries. This is not what you will get from most bariatric centers in Tijuana. Additionally, after reviewing few other bariatric centers, we can also say that the cost of surgery is highly competitive in comparison to the level of expertise and high-quality infrastructure they have.

Ratings and Reviews

Pompeii Surgical Center has a Google rating of 4.9 stars with over 487 reviews from patients and their families. Most patients have appreciated the bariatric center for their ability to deliver effective weight loss results and a super-skilled team of experienced and friendly surgeons. They have also rated the hospital high on their infrastructure, cleanliness and caring staff. Patient education, quick recovery, and making them feel at home are also aspects on which the bariatric center has outperformed the competitors.

Contact Details

Pompeii Surgical Center also believes in maintaining transparent communication with the patients and their families. They are reckoned for their 24/7 customer support. To cater to customer grievances in an efficient manner, they also have a section for “Report Complaint” on their website. Complete contact details are also available online, which shows their integrity and credibility in this field.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent hospital facility that meets U.S. standards for bariatric centers
  • Luxurious patient rooms with modern comfort
  • Travel and medical costs covered through insurance
  • Flexible financing options
  • Superior lodging facilities
  • High standards of hygiene and cleanliness


  • Expensive bariatric packages


After reviewing the bariatric surgery expertise, services and client reviews of Pompeii Surgical Center, it can be concluded that it is a credible and high-quality bariatric center for effective weight loss surgery procedures. It has good client ratings and this indicates their service excellence and transparency in the entire procedure.

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